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High-quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs for good health.
Specializing in everyday immune defense, this superior product helps immune cells adapt to your unique needs.
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Great-tasting drinks, meal-replacements, and snacks to help you lose weight and maintain energy.
An excellent foundation of optimal nutrition to safely support the health of mother and baby.
Diet & Energy
A great alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks. Products that promotes good digestive health, and aids in normal bowel regularity, which helps move wastes and toxins out of the colon.
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A luxurious line of self-preserving products to cleanse, refine, and replenish your skin and hair.
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Who Uses USANA?
WTA Women’s Tennis Players
US Speed Skating Team
Tim Bradley – Professional Boxer (USA)
Steve Hooker – Olympian Gold Pole Vaulter (Australia)
Sloan Stevens – Women’s Professional Tennis Player (USA)
Mike Allsop – Adventurer / Marathon Runner (NZ)
Sam Stosur – Women’s Professional Tennis Player (AUS)
Partnership with Dr. Oz
Kathy Kaehler (celebrity personal trainer) – USA
Julia Roberts (Actress) – USA
Paris Hilton (Actress) – USA
Samuel L Jackson (Actor) – USA
Ben Afflect (Actor) – USA
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Actress) – USA
Royal Family of Malayia
healthy tips and advice
  • Healthy Glowing Skin
  • Proper Diet & Exercise
  • Essential Vitamins

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