rongzhongMy name is Rong Zhong. I was born in Shanghai, China and spent most of my younger life there. From a young age, it was always my dream to be a doctor so I could help people from their health problems. I realized that dream when I attended and graduated from Shanghai First University with a Bachelor of Medicine majoring in Sports Injuries in 1995. After graduation, I landed a job with Shanghai’s largest and now famous hospital, Hua Shan Hospital. I worked there for 5 years before migrating to Australia to be close to my family.

coverAfter immigrating to Australia, I studied for a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy from the Australia Institute as my dream was still to be able to help other people with their ailments. After graduation, I started my clinic in August 2007 and I was again able to help people with their health issues. I found that through a combination of my therapy and patients consuming USANA’s nutritional supplements, patients were able to fast track their recovery.

At present, I run my clinic on a part-time basis. I am a Ruby Director with USANA Health Sciences and I am frequently giving health seminars for the Australian Optimal Health Association. I am also a member of the USANA Council for the Health Professionals.