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usana-logoUsana is part of the booming health and wellness industry which has grown from 240 billion in 2002 to $700 billion in 2010. Direct selling industry generates the most sales as compared to popular industries like the entertainment industry, the music industry etc. This is expected to reach $1 Trillion in 2017. The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations estimates worldwide retail sales for 2012 at $166.8 billion, and puts the number of people participating in direct selling at 82.9 million. Those are the staggering numbers. However, the benefits of the 89.6 million people are experiencing around the world are even more impressive.

Direct selling gives you the opportunity to make money and change your life. Unlike other opportunities, direct selling also allows you to help make positive changes in the lives of others. Direct Selling is the present and future of business – Robert Kiyosaki has named it being the Business of the 21st Century. There’s never a better time to start.

While the unparallel opportunity for growth and the extra benefits make direct selling the avenue for entrepreneurship now and in the future, it’s the industry’s unique ability to affect positive change that sets it apart.

Benefits of Direct Selling industry is:

  • Low start up
  • No resume required – no restrictions on background, education, age or financial status
  • Leveraged income
  • Time freedom – flexibility and freedom to enjoy life
  • Self Development opportunities
  • Sense of Community

Usana offers 6 streams of income:

  1. Retail sales – earn profits on the difference between preferred price and retail price
  2. Weekly Commissions – earn weekly commissions of up to 25% from your customers and sales volume of your team,
  3. Incentives – be rewarded with luxury travel, prizes and even extra cash through Usana’s generous incentive program
  4. Leadership bonus – participate in Usana’s 3% worldwide weekly bonus pool
  5. Lifetime Matching Bonus – Sponsor new premier platinum pacesetters and receive up to a 15% match of their commission volume for the life of their USANA business
  6. Enrich your income with USANA’s 1% quarterly bonus shared among the top 45 income earners for each quarter


USANA Health Sciences

If you are looking for a Plan B to earn extra side income from part-time hours, this is a fantastic opportunity whereby you may potentially convert that to a Plan A. At the same time, if you would like more information on the products, please visit the following website.