Proper Skin Care Routine Using Sense


When you use products from the exact same brand, the products work with each other to generate optimum results on your skin.  I would like to Introduce Sensé, an award-winning skin care line, which is making a splash at star-studded Hollywood parties and is appearing in high-profile publications. Take a look at where Senséproducts have been spotlighted.

Products in the set include:

  • Gentle Daily Cleanser
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Rice Bran Polisher
  • Perfecting Essense
  • Daytime Protective Emulsion
  • Nighttime Renewal Creme
  • Nutritious Creme Mask
  • Eye Nourisher


USANA’s Sense has a unique patented Self-Maintaining Technology that keeps the contents free from additives like parabens and contamination from contact with our hands.  At the same time, it is trusted to maintain healthy skin by keeping it free from free-radicals.  All Sense products are guaranteed to have excellent results working with sensitive skin especially since it does not contain parabens.

The set of  USANA’s Sense has 8 items which may be used in this sequence so the product can produce the best results.  Here is the basic routine which can be used DAY and NIGHT TIME:-




The Gentle Daily Cleanser is a moisture-rich, soap-free gel that is good for dry skin. You can add a small amount of water to lather into a smooth liquid after massaging the gel. The cleanser will not strip your skin’s moisture. After cleaning you will feel your skin smooth, cool and clean from dirt and skin impurities. Make-up can be removed by this cleanser as well.


Apply the Hydrating Toner after cleansing. A lot of people skip this step, although a toner is really essential in skincare.  The toner helps to remove impurities which were not completely removed by the cleanser. But the main function is, it will balance the pH of the skin after cleansing. Balancing the pH of the skin back to its normal state will let your skin absorb the following serums and lotions.


The Perfecting Essence is beneficial for sensitive skin as it reduces itchiness and redness by strengthening the skin’s defense mechanisms. The most effective thing to this Perception line is the fact that it actually helps sensitive skin.


The Daytime Protective Emulsion has a feel that is fairly rich, with active ingredients like gingko and ginseng.  It contains the Regenisomes(TMark) enzyme technology which helps accelerate the skin’s healing from environmental damage.

“The Regenisomes technology in Nighttime Renewal Creme and Eye Nourisher functions deep in the top layers of the skin complexion, optimizing your skin’s natural cellular healing process and helping to repair the appearance of dull skin.”


Spend more time and never skip the night time routine, skin regenerates when we sleep so it important to achieve beautiful skin. For night time, apply the Night Renewal Cream rather than the Daytime Protective Emulsion and exfoliate together with the Rice Bran Polisher.



Rice Bran Polisher

The exfoliator in this line is a Rice Bran Polisher that smells like a cereal! You will notice some small rice beads when you apply it. These miniature rice beads shine and polish the skin to reveal skin that is smooth and lustrous! Papaya extract dissolves dead skin cells that develop on the surface.

It’s a must to exfoliate! Your skin might seem flaky, dull, and rough as a result of the unsynchronised shedding of skin cells.


Use a toner after exfoliating to balance the pH back to normal. Using Hydrating Toner helps with sensitive skin and red spots on the skin.

Night Renewal PacRim


Who doesn’t love waking up with smooth glowing skin.  This night cream will do its job while we sleep to help the skin’s regeneration process. The Night Renewal Cream has the Regenisomes(TMark) enzyme technology to foster cellular healing to mend the look of ageing. In addition, it contains shea butter to moisturise and soften skin.


Lastly, just use a pea-size of eye serum to moisturize your eye area to avoid eye wrinkles.

APPLYING MASK – It can be done 3-4 times a week, it depends on skin condition.

Nutritious Creme Masque is rich in vitamins, and plant extracts which will detoxify, smoothen the pores in the skin.  The pores will get smaller after using it and it undoubtedly works to refine pores and firm up your skin.


You can get your complete set of USANA Sense on Essential Vitamins website at All items have shipping included and can ship anywhere. For more information about Sense, you can contact us.