USANA BiOmega Review


USANA BiOmega is developed by USANA Health Sciences and  sold as an all-natural nutritional supplement which helps maintain the usual function of the circulatory system, supports healthy brain function (including memory and learning abilities), and helps in numerous essential cellular processes.

USANA BiOmega is based on EPA and DHA, essential fatty acids, which are considered to play significant roles in the great function of our body. It is highly recommended to take this product for those who aren’t capable of containing within their day-to-day diet the required quantities of fish or fish oil, thereby depriving the body of essential nutrients with numerous dangerous effects on the long term. BiOmega also features Vitamin D, one of the most important vitamins that are also a generally deficient nutrient from a modern routine diet. Lemon oil has been additionally added to remove the typical fishy smell of fish oil based formulas.

What are the ingredients of USANA BiOmega?

USANA BiOmega contains these ingredients: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), Vitamin D, gelatin, glycerine, lemon oil, purified water, mixed natural tocopherols, and soybean oil.


Effectiveness of USANA BiOmega

DHA and EPA, referred to as omega 3 fatty acids, are highly unsaturated fats typically within substantial numbers in cold water fish and shellfish. The effects of Omega 3 supplementation in the human body are controversial.

Regarding cardiovascular health, numerous studies suggested that the advanced level of DHA and EPA in the body can reduce the incidence of several risk factors for cardiovascular diseases or heart attacks. One study suggests the optimum number of DHA/EPA for a healthy individual is 650-700 milligrams/day, corresponding to 4-5 fish dishes weekly. Other studies suggested that people with a low level of DHA and EPA in their blood have reached a greater risk of sudden cardiac death, fatal ischemic events, and heart disorders.

DHA can also be recognized as brain food because it’s an essential nutrient found in high concentrations in the retina and brain. Various studies demonstrated that DHA makes major changes in fundamental properties of cell membranes, enhancing their permeability, “fluidity”, elastic compressibility, and interactions with the most important  proteins. Even if EPA isn’t an important part of brain tissue, some studies asserted that it may play a role in brain function, because of the positive influence EPA has over blood flow, hormones, and the immune system.


Vitamin D isn’t an essential dietary vitamin, despite its name, because it can be consumed not only from food, but also from the sun, so it’s referred to as the “sun vitamin”. Studies show that Vitamin D plays a significant role in the human body’s metabolism because it acts as a mediator between Calcium and Phosphate and their target tissue, modulating their concentration in the bloodstream. Although there are many studies concerning the effects of vitamin D supplementation on well-being. Yet, low amounts of vitamin D are related to bone disorders, multiple sclerosis, as well as some kinds of cancers. Some studies also linked Vitamin D to muscle growth, reasoning that low amounts of vitamin D can cause reduced strength and muscle fat, particularly in young individuals.

USANA BiOmega is a reasonable nutritional supplement, including 56 capsules per bottle. One bottle will last up to 1 month with the daily dosage recommended. For those people who are considering purchasing it, BiOmega and other USANA products are available on Essential Vitamins‘ website at  You may also book a consultation via online to our Sports Injury Therapist Rong Zhong. Email us for enquiries at or use our online form.